About Us


Our mission at Kings and Queens Beauty is to provide our customers with excellent customer service while delivering them a quality hair, hair care products, and accessories. Kings and Queens Beauty will serve the diverse black community. At Kings and Queens, our core values are customer service, quality products, and community.

Why the Company was founded

The company was founded by blacks to serve the black community. Generally, the market is often over-priced and lack quality products. So, we strive to offer products that are tailored towards the black community to fulfill their beauty needs. Kings and Queens Beauty will be a community store that will serve the black community from their perspective. Kings and Queens Beauty is a black-owned beauty store. We know the issues and we’re here to fix them.


The founder of the company is Malik Foster. Malik is an alumnus of Delaware State University. He obtained his bachelor’s of arts in political science in just 3 years. Also, Malik has a law degree from Western Michigan Cooley Law School. Malik Started this company to help people in getting quality products for an affordable price. Further, Malik wants to help the community by providing opportunities for others to get into the hair, hair care products, and accessories industry.