Frequently asked questions

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1. What textures are available?

Answer: Straight, Body wave Loose Wave natural wave, curly, deep wave, and etc.

2. Where does your hair come from?

Answer: King and Queens Beauty hair comes from donors. Donors are people

who donate their hair to the company. So, the hair is TRUE VIRGIN HAIR.

3. How many ounces are in a bundle?

​Answer: 3.5 oz

​4. How many bundles are recommended for a full sew-in?


12-16 inches  2 bundles

18-22 inches  3 bundles

22-30 inches  3-4 bundles (depends on how full you desire your sew-in)

5. What color is the virgin hair?

Answer: Dark Brown and Natural color black.

6. Can you dye the hair?

Answer: Yes,  you can dye the hair to your desired color because it’s VIRGIN

7. How long does virgin hair last?

Answer: Up to a year depending on how you maintain it


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